Air Duct and Vent Solutions

Clean Air Services, Inc.'s air duct cleaning process can reduce moisture, dirt, pollen, fungus, bacteria and other debris in your HVAC system.

Most homes have been using inefficient, throwaway filters rather than HEPA 99% efficient filters. Throwaway filters are only 7%-10% efficient. Clean Air Services, Inc. systems utilize a push/pull cleaning technique, the most effective source removal method currently available. The push/pull concept uses compressed air and physical agitation to break debris free and push it through the ductwork while a powerful vacuum downstream pulls loosened material through and out of the HVAC system.
HVAC System — Ventilation System in Hattiesburg, MS
  1. The supply and return sides of the HVAC system are "zoned" so they can be cleaned separately. This is usually accomplished using zone bags, foam blocks or by simply removing the filter from the HVAC system, placing it in a plastic bag and reinstalling it.
  2. An access hole is cut into the supply side of the HVAC system, the vacuum is connected using a connection collar and the vacuum is turned on.
  3. Starting with the farthest branch from the vacuum and working toward the closest, each branch is individually cleaned back to the main trunk using a combination of compressed air and physical agitation after each register is removed and contact cleaned.
  4. After all the branch runs have been cleaned, the main trunk is cleaned back to the vacuum.
  5. Once the supply side has been cleaned, an access hole is cut into the return side, the vacuum is attached and the cleaning process is repeated. In addition to cleaning the interior of the duct, a complete cleaning would include: cleaning the fan, coil and registers and inspection or replacement system's air filter.
  6. Upon completion of the cleaning process, an EPA-approved sanitizer treatment is applied over all interior surfaces of the HVAC system, to include air handlers, supply, return, exhaust and intake ducts and mixing boxes. As the vacuum unit is running, the negative pressure "pulls" the sanitizer throughout the ductwork.
  7. After all cleaning and sanitizing operations are completed; an EPA registered anti-microbial encapsulate is applied at each supply duct end to help prevent contamination caused by excess moisture/condensation due to the varying temperature differences at these areas. The encapsulate is also applied to the fibrous material (ex. insulation) of the return and unit.
Clean Air Services, Inc.'s proven cleaning technique is performed by experienced professionals following current industry guidelines in residential and commercial environments. Our professionals comprise an environmental management team, which includes a Certified Indoor Environmentalist and Certified Mold Remediator, who can offer solutions to all of your indoor air quality concerns.