Commercial Coil Cleaning in Hattiesburg, Mobile AL, New Orleans, and all the Surrounding Areas

Commercial Coil Cleaning in Hattiesburg, Mobile AL, New Orleans

Almost all the houses these days have an HVAC system. For its optimal functioning and longevity, one has to set up periodic cleaning schedules. Clean Air Services is here to provide you with services like commercial coil cleaning, air duct cleaning, and various other services. With over 20 years of experience, our professionals understand the importance of maintaining a clean air environment and works towards achieving it. The coil, being one of the important components of your system, needs special attention. Not all companies include coil cleaning as a part of their maintenance services and we can boast of our technicians being certified to perform cleaning services on your HVAC coils. We offer our services to the people of Biloxi, Gulfport, Jackson, MS, New Orleans, Slidell, and Mobile, AL to make their indoors cool and comfortable. 


Below we have mentioned the top 3 reasons why regular cleaning of coils is absolutely necessary. Take a look. 

  • Mold and mildew 

Molds usually thrive in dark dingy places; this makes the coils their perfect breeding place. As your unit draws the air from your room and then again releases it, these fungi are circulated into your rooms thus affecting your indoor air quality.  

  • Refrigerant cycle issues 

The coil in your system cools the refrigerant in the summers and keeps them warm during the winters. But if not cleaned regularly, dust and grime builds up forming an insulating layer on the coil. This hampers the heating procedure of your unit. 

  • Icing 

The insulating layer on the coil disrupts the refrigerant cycle. There is excess condensation due to huge swing in temperature; the warm parts remain warm and the cool part stays too cool. This results in ice buildup on the coils. 

So, if you are looking for commercial coil cleaning services, you can get in touch with us on 601-583-6690.